Seminar for track and field officials
29.09.2016, 10:18h
Athletic Federation of Serbia and ‘Belgrade 2017’ company organized the first stage of seminars for track and field officials as part of preparations for upcoming European Athletics Indoor Championships. Seminar was hosted by Director of the competition, Predrag Momirovic and Organizer of the competition, Milena Acic Zaric, PhD.

Seminar was attended by 70 track and field officials from both Associations of Sports Officials, as well as referees from Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Nis, Novi Sad, Sremska Mitrovica and Krusevac.

Goal of the seminar was to check the officials’ understanding of the existent regulations as well to prepare for European championships. The referees passed the evaluation test on Sunday and were then briefed on existing regulations by International Technical Official, Dr. Acic Zaric. Other ITO from Serbia, Ozren Karamata, took active part in the seminar as well.

Seminar is to be continued on next Saturday in the Athletics Indoor. The officials are going to prepare for the European Athletics Indoor Championships through series of indoor competitions, prior to the main event. The last of indoor competitions is going to be Balkan Indoor Championships, on February 25.