Our Champions in Belgrade
12.03.2015, 10:11h

The Athletic Federation of Serbia held a press conference of in the packed ComTrade reception halll following the success of Serbian athletes at the Prague Indoor Athletic Chapionships.

The star Serbian athlete Ivana Spanovic with her 6.98m long jump in the third series scored a new national long jump record and won gold in the Czech Republic.

“I don’t know what else to say. I am overjoyed and very proud of the result. I can hardly wait for the European Championships in Belgrade,” said the European champion.

Our best shot-putter Asmir Kolasinac scored his best throw of 20.90m in the sixth series and won the silver medal.

“I am, obviously very happy with the result I achieved, but I am also very happy that by the end of the year the athletics hall will be finished. Finally we will have a place to train and prepare for the forthcoming European Indoor Athletic Championship in Belgrade. I am looking forward to 2017. I hope that we will win a lot of medals for Serbia in the Kombank Arena,” said the vice-champion of Europe.

The press conference was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Sport and Youth, The Olympic Committee of Serbia, Sports Federation of Serbia, Anti-Doping Agency of the Republic of Serbia, representative of Institute for Sport and Sports Medicine of the Republic of Serbia, president of Athletic Federation of Serbia Veselin Jevrosimovic, secretary General Slobodan Brankovic, head coaches Nikola Tomasevic and Goran Obradovic, sponsors, media representatives and many others.

They all thanked the sponsors and institutions, without whose help none of these results would have been possible: the Ministry of Sport and Youth, Ministry of Defence, Olympic Committee, Telekom, Komercijalna Bank, Cacak Bank, Victoria group, Volkswagen company and Comtrade.

“The work on the athletics hall will be finished by the end of this year, but there are some challenging times still ahead of us. We have two years’ time to prepare for the European athletic championships in Belgrade. I hope that our sponsors will be with us through the ordeal,” said Veselin Jevrosimovic, the president of ASS.