Volunteer session “Jump 2 Score Green” in Belgrade
15.02.2017, 10:45h

One city, 40 participants, 2 days and 17 sustainable development goals!


On the Road to 2030 and towards achieving the Global Goals, Belgrade 2017 has joined the sustainable wave initiated by ENGSO Youth in cooperation with European Athletics and inspired by Green Inspiration program. 


Volunteer Session “Jump 2 Score Green” will be organized from 4th to 5th March in Belgrade Arena. The exclusive set of workshops is part of innovative program for the implementation of global goals for sustainable development (SDGs) through sport and through engagement of youth. “Jump2Score Green” session will serve to the young volunteers to find out all about values, actions and possibilities for environmental conservation and preservation, keeping sport clubs greener, more active and healthier.

During the two interactive days, while in breaks of competitions, volunteering and cheering for the favorite ones, international team will lead selected participants through the Green stations. At the each of the stations, participants will have an opportunity to interactively find out what are the Sustainable Development Goals, how sport can support implementation, and how individual can take an active part and make a change.

All participants will go back home with new ideas and tools how they can contribute with in their own neighborhood in order to keep the planet more green, more safe and more inclusive.


From Amsterdam, over Budapest to the city of Belgrade – "Jump 2 Score Green" is raising awareness among youth on how sport can contribute to the SDGs; at the same time, how sport can benefit from the implementation of the SDGs in the sport sector. Interactively engaged, volunteers together have the chance to collect examples how sport events can be more sustainable economically, socially and environmentally.