Cat. No. Manufacturer Description Colour Certification No.
F253C Nishi Steel, dia: 109mm Silver I-99-0084
5133402 Nordic Sport Turned steel, dia: 108mm Red I-99-0025
PK-4/100-M Polanik Brass, dia: 100mm Gold I-00-0198
PK-4/110 Polanik Competition, Turned steel, dia: 110mm Various I-12-0581

Cat. No. Manufacturer Description Colour Certification No.
N1118A Nelco Turned iron, dia: 128mm Yellow I-99-0093
N1118AX Nelco Shot 7.26kg, Turned steel, dia: 129mm Yellow I-01-0247
F251C Nishi Steel, dia: 129mm Silver I-99-0083
PK-7,26/125 Polanik Competition, Turned steel, dia: 125mm Various I-13-0652

Additional implements may be added to the official list, if requested by Member Federations directly or by manufacturers with the endorsement of a Member Federation, to European Athletics by 31 January 2017, and if supplied to the LOC free of charge. All such implements must have IAAF certification and must be approved by the European Athletics Technical Delegates. Three items of each implement must be supplied by the Member Federation or manufacturer concerned and delivered to the LOC by 20 February 2017at the latest.


Personal Implements shall also be allowed, providing that:

  • They have IAAF certification in force

  • They are not already included on the official list

  • They are in good conditions and the brand is easily recognised.

  • They are made available to all the other competitors until the end of the Final

  • They will have to be submitted to the LOC for approval at the TIC by 18:00 the day before the respective event.