Members of European Athletics Association satisfied with progress of preparation for European indoor championship 2017
10.11.2016, 17:17h

In the light of the biggest upcoming athletic event, European Indoor Championships from 3-5 March 2017 in Kombank Arena, European Athletics Association visited Belgrade.

European Athletics delegation consisted of 28 members and was led by European Athletics Association’s Vice president, Mr. Dobromir Karamarinov. Meetings were held at the IN hotel where representatives of the Local Organising Committee presented their strategies and work that has been done so far. Some crucial issues were tackled successfully and the delegation was very contended with the results. 

‘’The first Vice president’s visit went rather well. We received positive feedback for everything that has been done so far and were also given suggestions where we need to speed up. The main issue now is broadcasting of the competition itself as well as the RTS equipment which we need to acquire in order to provide the best possible program. Since the beginning of this organization we knew about this issue, which unfortunately still remains to be solved. RTS needs to buy or rent the equipment and we hope they do it during next week. Everything else is going according to plan. I am very pleased that we got positive feedback for work done so far. It gives us additional boost in our everyday work on the organising European Indoor Championships’’, concluded the Director of the competition Slobodan Brankovic.

After a successful organising of SPAR European Cross Country Championships in 2013, Belgrade has one more opportunity to prove itself as a great host. We are aware that athletics are dominated by team spirit and that is why we wish to give our spectators a chance to witness the likes of spectacle that they have never seen before. To the competitors, we hope to provide only the best memories to leave home with.