Gift that helps those in need and gives back the dignity in order to start a new life!
01.03.2017, 10:14h

REFUGEE ScART – Migrant Art is a humanitarian aid project founded by the Spiral Foundation Onlus in summer 2011. It operates under the patronage of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). In a workshop made available by AMA Roma SpA, a group of ten refugees create artistic sheets from recycled scrap (scarto, in Italian) material to manufacture objects of great use and beauty.

Cooperation between Atletika ltd and Spiral Foundation Onlus from Rome, Italy, within EA Green Inspiration program, was inevitable in order to help those in need and at the same time do something great for the protection of environment.

The main goal is to benefit a group of refugees, arrived in Italy in search of protection by facilitating opportunities and paths to regain one's dignity. With Refugee ScART refugees become positive contributors to the common good, give back to the society that has welcomed them. Through Refugee ScART refugees no longer experience a condition of isolation and anonymity: they become part of a group acquiring a sense of belonging, identity, self-esteem and pride that encourages the integration process. Above all through Refugee ScART refugees are able to generate an income. The entire (100%) proceeds from sales go directly to the refugees that created the objects.

"We are extremely pleased that we have become part of the humanitarian action Refugee ScART and that we entrusted making gifts for our guests to the refugees. For the purposes of the European Indoor Championships in Belgrade the refugees manually created unique notebooks and pencils out of recycled materials in the colors of the Championship. The entire proceeds from the purchase of the gifts has gone directly to these wonderful people to start their new life. In this way, we have shown that we are a socially responsible organization and hereby we invite all future organizers to join this human action which has ecological character. Refugee ScART is a simple idea of great social utility: it clears the streets of discarded plastics, it recycles scrap materials. RefugeeScART is a gift that comes back: it helps those who created it while helping people to live in a cleaner environment.” said Ana Lukovic, Project Manager of the Local Organizing Committee.

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