Dudas speeds up his preparations for European Indoor Championships 2017
03.01.2017, 12:47h

Best Serbian decathlete and king of bronze medals Mihail Dudas prepares for the Championships. A place of peace and quiet for Mihail, Africa is an ideal choice for training before the upcoming 2017 Indoor competitions with the main event being of course European Indoor Championships.

‘Africa has always been a place where I could focus on achieving best training results. ‘Potchefstroom’ has grass lanes which suit me and help prevent injuries, sports center equipped with recovery rooms and modern gym. It has always been a place filled with international athletes which makes my own training more manageable’, said bronze medalist from European Championships in Amsterdam.

Serbian athlete who already won one bronze medal from European Championships in Gothenburg 2013 now aims for shinier reward.

‘Preparations are going great, I can honestly say that I am very content. First stage is now over so we go on to the next, which is Stellenbosch and higher intensity trainings. As far as injuries are concerned, there are none and I hope it will stay that way. Unlike previous years, my coach and I now focus on sprint. We brought help as well, coach from AK Vojvodina, Dusko Milicic.

Dudas will compete on his first event in Africa where he will focus on couple of individual disciplines. After that he comes back to Belgrade for national decathlon championships and European Athletics Indoor Championships from 3-5 March in Kombank Arena.