Statements of Serbian Athletes Regarding European Indoor Athletics Championships in 2017 – Athletic Elite expected to flock to Belgrade in 2
20.05.2014, 13:27h

“I believe that this event is something that should have happened long ago to Serbian athletics, but it is never too late. I am very glad that Serbia has been chosen to host these Championships. We have the great responsibility of presenting out country to the best of our ability and to win as many medals as possible. It also presents a great motivational boost for us because we have to perform on domestic turf and hopefully achieve great results. I hope for a record number of competitors. See you in Belgrade,” said Milan Ristic.

“I am very happy that Belgrade has been chosen as the host for the European Indoor Athletics Championships. I hope that we will gladden the hearts of our fans with numerous medals. I would like to congratulate the Athletic Federation of Serbia on their hard work, hoping that the forthcoming athletic event will speed up the completion of the sports hall,” said Mihail Dudas.

“I am very happy that Belgrade has been given the chance to welcome European athletes The results we achieved of late and the potential we showed will be intensified, motivating us additionally, said Emir Bekric.

“This is the proof of the respect Europe and the world has for Serbian athletes. This is great news for Serbian athletics and Serbian sport in general. Organizing such a big sports event is a great honour for Serbia and the Athletic Federation of Serbia, but also for athletes. As the European Indoor Athletics champion I have an obligation to shine at home,” said Asmir Kolasinac.

“I am very glad that we will be able to do something unforgettable for our fans that have been so fateful to us for so long. I would like to congratulate the athletics delegation headed by Veselin Jevrosimovic and Slobodan Brankovic. I can hardly wait to hear 30 000 people sing the Serbian Anthem. It will be quite something – Serbian athletics has been waiting for it for years. It will be quite a spectacle,” said Ivana Spanovic.